Nearby Share, Google’s “AirDrop” for Android, begins to expand

Android device users have been demanding for years Google to add to the operating system a simple and practical method that allows us to share files and other elements with people close to us, physically speaking, just as it has been possible for a long time. among users of iOS devices with AirDrop.

We know that Google is working on its own AirDrop called Nearby Share, previously called Fast Share, and to use the Bluetooth connection for the initial pairing, and then use WIFI Direct for the transmission of files and other digital elements.

At the beginning of this year we thought that the launch was about to fall, although a few months have passed with little progress.

In this sense, since Android Police now comment that, At the end of last June, Nearby Share began to appear on a limited basis, reaching only a few users who also had the beta of Google Play Services.

Now, this publication gives an account of that Google is beginning to roll out its new file transfer service more seriously, reaching more users and without the need to have the beta of Google Play Services, where in fact, some are reaching even without having the latest stable version of Google Play Services.

As you observe, it seems that have preference those who have the latest beta of Android 11, although it is still a good sign that the new service is finally arriving.

As we are pointing out, the new service depends on Google Play Services, so it is likely that it will not reach those devices that do not depend on Google, although those interested can always try installing its APK manually.

And if the leak is fulfilled that Android 11 will be officially presented on September 8, according to Google itself by mistake in a video published on its channel for developers, now I know that s we could be facing a massive launch of the expected service.

Perhaps we will have to wait a little longer for it to also reach the Chrome browser, as we also realized recently.

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