Neighbor Of The Number, the last viral challenge of the moment on WhatsApp

Although the idea of ​​sending a text message to a phone number similar to your own, changing only the last digit up or down, is not new, having already existed for quite a few years, now it comes completely renewed. current as a viral challenge.

This challenge consists of adding as a Number neighbor to the number itself by changing the last digit up or down in the phone's contact list, and then trying to contact the person who owns that number through the WhatsApp messaging network, the Most used around the world today, starting the conversation with a message like: Hello, number neighbor!

From here, the recipients of the messages can take the message from complete strangers in two different ways: in a good mood or in a bad mood.

But we must warn that it is about that, a new viral challenge that is spreading these last days like gunpowder, a way to spend free time during the summer holidays.

In fact, this challenge has been gaining more momentum in recent days, where many users have preferred to take screenshots of conversations, to share them on their profiles on social networks, especially on Twitter, where the hashtag # VecinoDeNmero has managed to become a Trending Topic throughout the day.

Through this hashtag you can see many of the shared conversations, although those who may have been somewhat careless, may have offered some more information that may question their privacy, whether it is their profile image or their phone number, or both of them.

We do not know if these types of viral challenges, or memes, could go through the content moderation tool before encryption, which, according to Forbes reported in late July, Facebook would be developing for WhatsApp, having been denied in another publication, although There is no doubt that it is something temporary, until someone recycles or invents another new idea that makes it viral.

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