Netflix confirms that it will put speed control on android

If you like to watch movies and series at a higher than usual playback speed (ideal for remembering past episodes of series or for doing marathons without investing a lot of time), we will no longer have to depend on Chrome extensions.

Netflix has confirmed that a feature to set the prepriction speed is about to hit android devices.

For the next several days Netflix will allow some Android users to control the playback speeds of their videos, a feature that will be rolled out to more Android users in the coming weeks.

Allow users to slow down videos with 0.5x or 0.75x playback speeds, or speed up video with 1.25x and 1.5x options. Netflix also plans to test it on iOS and on the web soon, but they haven’t specified any dates.

Some directors are concerned that variable playback could distort their art, but Netflix VP Keela Robison says they will try to be respectful of the creative community by limiting fast forward speeds to 1.5x (YouTube can double that). .

Netflix’s variable playback setting must also be manually enabled for each video, so we won’t start watching a fast-motion movie just because we decided to watch Friends the day before at 1.5x.

As a defense they indicate that something similar has been available in DVD and DVR players for years, and at that time the directors did not complain so much, so they prefer that the control always be with the user, who is the one who must decide what to do. wants and how he wants it.

Apparently the user surveys that test the function do not perceive the content differently, and those who want to enjoy a work of art at its usual speed, can always do so.

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