Netflix likes the idea of ​​offering offline content

One of Netflix's main problems is its constant dependence on the Internet.

We cannot, as in Google Play, Amazon Prime or YouTube download a movie to watch it later or activate the cache so that the video is downloaded while the Internet is going well. In many countries that is a big problem, since they all use Netflix at the same time, after work, and the connection or speed drops are frequent.

Being able to have content to be enjoyed offline is something that many of us have been asking for for a long time, and now on Netflix they have already spoken on the subject: be open to that possibility.

On Netflix they are betting on offering 4K content, on allowing playback with HDR content, in several ways to offer more for the same price, and for this it is necessary to have a spectacular Internet connection, something that millions of people do not and will not have long time. To solve this problem, they have to think about offline playback systems: leave the 4K movie down for 5 hours to enjoy it at night calmly.

There is no definite project, no set dates, no promise on paper, but the Netflix CEO is already thinking about it, and that's more than just a first step.

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