Netflix will come to Spain in the coming months


The news we want to publish has finally arrived: Netflix in Spain will be available in the second half of 2015.

This is what Expansin, which makes Otoo the time when Spain can finally enjoy the Netflix service, after many years of promises and delays with various excuses, the main one being the high rate of piracy suffered in the country.

Now finally, it seems that something has changed so that the leaders of the American company have decided make the leap to SpainOr it may simply be that they have realized that if they take too long other local alternatives will take away the market.

It is foreseeable that as soon as Netflix arrives in Spain it will become the reference, but that is not as sure as it seems. First of all, competition like Wuaki it already has a certain advantage in market penetration. Second, the problem of catalog rights is unresolved.

How Netflix in Spain will become a reality

And is that In Spain we will not see the complete Netflix catalog, but only selected series and films that copyright owners will allow to broadcast in the country. The success and success of Netflix depend largely on the magnitude and variety of this catalog. Price is another determining factor; We should expect a fee of between 8 and 12 per month, the same as in other European countries.

To ensure that the Spanish have noticed the arrival of Netflix, the company is in negotiations with manufacturers such as LG and Samsung to include the app pre-installed on your smart TVs. In addition, we can also use the service in the apps for iOS and Android already available (but useless for now for the Spanish).

Revolutionize the Netflix market or be too late?

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