Neural Mix: New from Djay Pro to turn songs into acapellas and instrumentals on the go

There is no doubt that AI and machine learning They have taken a great boom in recent years by taking part in the development of technologies aimed at optimizing tasks and increasing productivity.

In this sense, Algoriddim, a German company dedicated to the development of application software in the audio and multimedia sector for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch computers, took advantage of AI to apply an update on its Djay Pro tool a few years ago. in order to get improvements to your Automix functionality.

It seems that since then the company has been exploiting the potential of AI to extend its use and it seems that their efforts have paid off. This, due to the launch of Neural Mix, an initiative that constitutes the new AI of Djay Pro.

Through this new tool, the framework of the Apple’s Core ML and A12 Bionic chip to provide on-the-fly audio separation in the same way as parent files, but obtained via streaming through a single waveform.

In this case, the AI ​​feature of Automix is ​​still present, but the Neural Mix tools together with the related user interface update have taken center stage within the new features offered by Djay Pro for iOS.

Some songs have been on the market for a while as a mother file, giving users a multitrack audio to be mixed from any of the 4 available elements of the song.

However, Neural Mix takes care of extracting the elements of a track on the fly, having sliders to allow adjustments to the levels of 3 segments of the audio track, made up of drums, vocals and harmonic elements.

After listening to the demo, it is remarkable the favorable impact that these new features have on the sound, added to the Djay Pro in which while a track was being played, the Neural Mix tools worked by clearly isolating elements through a minimal audible input.

It is probable that the final result is conditioned by the device / chip that is working at the moment and also by the structure of the songs themselves.

Within the genres, Hip Hop seems to stand out in acapellas and instruments while electronic music is favored when a separation of drums or harmonics is made.

In the case of devices such as the iPad Pro 12.9 that have a Bionic A12Z chip and the iPhone 11 equipped with an A13, these offer the possibility of taking advantage of the Neural Mix tool, applying its use also in those iOS devices with A12 chip.

However, older devices may have the same possibility, as long as they have a version of iOS 12 or later installed, since the Neural Mix is ​​quite a demanding tool in the use of the processor.

You can get the Djay Pro AI with Neural Mix on the App Store for a $ 5 monthly subscription, while existing subscribers will receive the new feature through an update.

You can also opt for the free download version, although it will not have the Neural Mix incorporated.

If you want more information about the Neural Mix you can do it by entering HERE

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