New 9.7-inch iPad Pro

New 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Today’s keynote from Apple was highly anticipated by the new iPhone, but we can’t forget the new iPad either, of course.

When Apple introduced the iPad Pro last September, it made it clear that it was an iPad like no other until now. Large, geared towards work and content creation, but maintaining the identity of the range with its ridiculous thickness and weight.

The large size of the iPad Pro half surprised; On the one hand, it was unusual for Apple, but on the other, that’s the trend in the tablet market, as Microsoft demonstrated with the Surface range.

Of course Not everyone is willing to use a 12.9-inch tablet, and Apple knows it. So practically since the iPad Pro was introduced, rumors began that in the next keynote a new model with a more classic size would be presented, and it has been, with a 9.7-inch version.

This is the new 9.7-inch iPad

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro could have been called iPad Air 3, as it was rumored, but by continuing to use the Pro brand, the company reinforces its position that it wants the iPad to be something else, a device that can attract advanced users without leaving behind the usual ones.

Surprisingly, Apple also wants to lure Windows users with the iPad Pro. Today, there are 600 million older 5-year-old computers, and the iPad Pro appeals directly to these users as a replacement for computers.

What differentiates an Air from a Pro, you say? Well many things; the 9.7-inch iPad Pro features most of the novelties of the first iPad ProIncluding, of course, a Smart connector to add a keyboard that also doubles as a case.

Of course, what differentiates this model from the previous iPad Pro is the 9.7-inch screen, which despite being smaller maintains the same characteristics, mainly the compatibility with the Apple Pencil to detect different levels of pressure and achieve a realistic drawing, as if we were writing on paper.

Smaller, but with a very large interior

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is not a worse tablet just because it is smaller, and it is a palpable improvement in every way compared to the iPad Air 2.

With a color saturation 25% higher than iPad Air 2, the screen is exceptional and according to Apple it is the best it has ever created.

The screen is capable of measuring color from ambient temperature, and adjusts automatically depending on the environment. In this way our eyes will be more rested than if the screen were constantly shining with the same color of temperature.

The processor is the A9X, with three billion transistors, just like the iPad Pro. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has a four-speaker system, just like the large model, which offers spectacular sound. As for the graphic power, it has the same power as an Xbox 360.

The camera is 12 MP, with flash included, and the front is 5 MP.

And if we want to expand the possibilities of the tablet, we have adapters to read SD cards

Price and availability

The 32GB iPad Pro will be available for $ 599Yes, the 128 GB for 749 dollars, and for the first time, we will have an iPad Pro of 256 GB, for 899 dollars. Be available on March 31, and the reservation starts on March 24.

In Spain these are the 9.7-inch iPad Pro prices:

  • 32GB WiFI 679
  • 128GB WiFI 859
  • 256GB WiFI 1039

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