New Adsense Features to Learn More About Revenue

Surely many of you are Google Adsense users and you are used to creating reports to obtain information about the profits generated by the ads on your website. In the last few months we have seen how the platform has undergone some changes, mainly static, in its panel control, changes that now increase with the introduction of new features on the Adsense blog:

1. Event history

Indicators created to better understand the actions carried out that could have an impact on income.

[…] If last Tuesday you blocked an ad category on your pages and the next day you created a new horizontal skyscraper ad unit, you will see these two actions marked in your reports, as well as the details of the actions below the graph.

The function is found on the Performance Reports tab, under Events.

2. Inclusion of tablet revenues in the platform report

To see the income of tablet users. Before this data was included in high-end mobile devices, now it stands out independently, helping to make decisions about the advertising shown to these types of users.

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