New advertising the great challenge of ”¦ social networks or users?

Conversion, virality, real time, background and form, local and global … great challenges for whom?

Much is said about social networks and the specific weight they have had in changing the historical paradigms specifically referring to advertising, marketing and the new education, as an indivisible trilogy responsible for shaping what is known as the social cycle. We talk about change, a change that cannot be denied and that, although there are many currents of opinion that place social media as responsible, the truth is that delving a little more towards the anthropological aspect, we could establish a doubt.Didn’t real change start with the plummeting of economic models and political systems?And although it is true that we are not going to focus on making an apology about who was responsible, if the crisis or social networks, of the current change … this is inevitable and faces great challenges whose study is mandatory if what It is sought is to be an active part of this new model where; commitment, compliance and balance, seem to guarantee sustained and efficient growth (both of technologies and of humanity itself)Increasingly efficient societiesThat technological innovation has no end is an undeniable reality and that the great challenge of this new model depends intrinsically on the ability that human beings demonstrate to maintain a system in which the great capital sins have no place, without dying in the attempt. it is too.But… is it possible to combine the two aspects and eliminate the gaps that today separate us from the success that underlies the new advertising?To begin with, advertising today is directly responsible for influence, exposure and what before Google+ – we have been defining ambiguously and without having how to measure it; online reputation.

– Personal and company branding – Loyalty and trust – Generation of opinion as the basis of influence – Influence through presence and social action – And finally, quantifiable reputation and therefore, susceptible to be modified in order to achieve conversion of our followers.

These are the central axes of the new advertising today. We must not forget that any action on the Internet, the mere presence, transforms us into advertising elements in search of needs to satisfy. This future scenario that is presented to us is really a challenge; The needs to be influential are more focused on the development of innovation, creativity, empathy, commitment and trust, than on having the necessary solvency to achieve everything at the expense of payment and any action that requires the global development of the Being human is a greater challenge than the use of a credit card, which is why conversion, the adoption of the new meaning of real time and the inclusion of the new social advertising, are the great challenges facing the current network. Let us strive for conversion, brushing against the ecstasy of true influence, which is consolidated attracted by a new opinion, high-quality content that responds to the specific needs of the target market. We understand by conversion something that goes beyond the inclusion of social action buttons, and by this we do not mean that they are not necessary, but that; Of not achieving the generation of trust, of not being able to become a benchmark within what we do, it will not be possible to maintain the loyalty and the nature of the brand of our followers, who are also exposed to fierce competition. If we go back a bit in history, we can remember that, in the same way that radio spots or tapestries in the written press did not produce conversion by themselves. The same thing happens with social networks; It is necessary to become aware of the meaning of real time to achieve an effective conversion for efficient advertising We need to become aware that the key to advertising success is intrinsically related to the efficiency of the actions that we have previously carried out and that put us in the moment in which users have access to our brand, well prepared and with the ability to modify our advertising strategy at any time that we detect a new need. social networks have their own logic, we are entering a cycle in which the claimed economic systems acquire the denomination of social more because of their equitable nature than because of an ideological connection, and the same thing happens with the media. The new scale of needs makes business online, brands that interact on social networks and live daily with metrics, brainstorming, source ideas, designs, investments and ultimately with all the variables that must be taken into account when launching an advertising campaign, know that at the present time, the key to advertising lies in words, words that generate content and that by themselves provide added value. Without evaluating real time, the logic of social advertising that is imposed from the same social media that have coined the term social economy without pursuing a conversion that seeks loyalty and without realizing that the key is in interaction and that without it, it will not be possible to carry out an efficient link, advertising will lose a golden opportunity to be seen as the nexus of quality and specialization, which is what gives us the freedom to partner efficiently and take full advantage of the global advantages that underlie the interaction, dialogue and connection as synonyms for advertising conversion in a changing and still confusing world.The great challenge facing this new social advertising is constantly thinking about the numbers, the rankings, virality is nothing but Through the generation of quality and consistency in its staging, the loyalty and conversion of our followers, clients yes, but eminently collaborators, is achieved, without whom the promotion of the brand would be much slower and more expensive. social networks They seek to become specialists and unite in expert and segmented communities since it is only in this way that we will achieve progress, we do not need to evolve what we have lacked is to develop ourselves. 800 million active users have Facebook, 100 million have Twitter who- real time banner and holding the leadership In terms of social platform – they consolidate with each tweets the trends that are imposed. And obviously, we cannot forget that Google sets the pace, the guidelines and the demands of the new advertising; Social SEO and new classification, high-quality content and new policies that regulate the substance and the form of online relationships today, thereby making identifying errors and knowing the procedures to be efficient, really simple The complex, the real challenge, social media does not have it, we users who daily build opinion, trends and social relationships have it, we can do it well and make the most of the advantages of the unlimited and constant technological revolution or we can simply indulge in the habitual procrastination that we have cyclically demonstrated and fall into the same mistakes of the past. The change has begun and from the network we are taught how to accept it and carry out our own transition there is the key to the new advertising; where the center lies today in the form, the bottom is only reached when we have consolidated the form (the link, the conversion, the virality).

And what do you think is the new advertising the great challenge and if so, for whom is the challenge for Social Media or for us?

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