New beta of Signal for Android facilitates the migration to a new mobile

WhatsApp has mechanisms so that users can recover their conversations and files whether they restore the application from scratch on the same mobile device or if they migrate to a new one.

This is not so easy in those alternative messaging services that try to have as little user data as possible on their servers, such as Signal Private Messenger, which must resort to other ways.

Offering more facilities to its current and future users

In this sense, although Signal allows conversations and files to be transferred to a new mobile device through a process that is carried out completely manually, in the new beta of the application for Android devices, launched a few days ago, a new beta is appearing. function that makes it easier, but above all, much faster and safer.

The new migration tool, available through the Transfer Account section, automatically carry all the contents from one device to another in a secure way, using end-to-end encryption, using a private local wifi connection.

As indicated in the news section of the Signal beta in the Google Play Store:

Your next update deserves an update. Quickly and securely transfer your Signal information to a new Android phone. Use the end-to-end encrypted migration feature to move your account and messages from an old device to a new device via a private local WiFi Direct connection.

In this way it is facilitated that conversations are available in case of brand new mobile, even for users with less technical skills.

Here, the only aspect that remains to be known is to know if this new migration tool will also reach iOS, which would further facilitate the adoption of Signal for those users who may also contemplate the migration from Android to iOS or vice versa.

It will already be a matter of waiting a while for the new migration tool to begin to be available in the stable version of the application, so that users have it easier to always have their conversations regardless of the mobile device they use at all times.

Those who want to use it now can become a beta tester if they are not already and download the new beta version of Signal from the Google Play Store.

It is certainly one more push to apply as an alternative in a year that started in turmoil for the popular Facebook messaging platform, which still insists that users accept the new rules before May 15 arrives, for which When the date arrives, delete some functions from those users who have not yet accepted them until they say yes, or rather, the accept button that allows them to recover all functions.

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