New changes are coming that affect Facebook pages

If you have a page on Facebook where you publish content about your company to your followers, or where you disclose the links to your blog, pay attention, because important changes are coming.

Over the last few years we have already seen two major trends: friend content is prioritized over page content we follow, and video is prioritized over other content. These changes remain, but now a customization variable will be used which could greatly affect the number of people consuming page content.

On Facebook they comment that they have carried out, and will continue to carry out, millions of surveys among their users. In such surveys they ask whether specific content is of interest or not, regardless of whether it is from a close friend or from a page that follows. Depending on the response, Facebook will establish a more accurate profile of each user, and will be able to make important decisions about what to show you in your News Feed.

That means that if a user says that they are not interested in content on politics, they will not see it, even if their mother publishes it, thus giving way to other content that they may like, such as what is published on the pages that follow, for example.

In a recent publication, he comments on the new variables that he will take into account:

Inspiring content. Facebook is working to identify that type of content, and display it at the top of each user’s News Feed. Here we can find everything from content about volunteers to those who push people to spend more time in nature, for example.

Interesting content based on the questions Facebook asks in different surveys.

– Delete content that people do not want to see because it awakens a negative part. To do this, if a publication has many angry reactions, surely it will be shown to fewer people, since the idea is to prioritize positive content.

– They work in a new post layout to make commenting and feedback easier. In fact, if we find something that seems irrelevant, troublesome or irritating, we can tap the X in the upper right corner of the post to hide it from the News Feed and see fewer posts like this in the future.

Interesting changes to take into account in our daily publishing strategy.

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