New Coca-Cola bottles have flexible OLED displays

New Coca-Cola bottles have flexible OLED displays

If there are two technologies that are going to give a lot to talk about in 2020, they are OLED screens and flexible screens. In the first case, OLEDs are expected to expand to more smartphones, including Apple’s new iPhone range.

In the case of flexible screens, after some somewhat difficult first steps, in 2020 we will see more devices that take advantage of this technology to create hybrids of smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

Curiously, one of the first occasions in which we are going to see both technologies together is in a Coca-Cola bottle. The most famous soft drink brand in the world has presented its new marketing campaign in Singapore, which will mean the manufacture of thousands of bottles with OLED screens.

The new Coca-Cola bottles with OLED screen

The promotion takes place on the occasion of the premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX – Skywalker’s Rise, and stars Rey and Kylo Ren, each brandishing their laser saber in an image printed on the label.

The interesting thing is that each label includes a small flexible OLED display; In this way, it is possible to make the sabers light up with the appropriate color for each character.

These OLED screens have been created by the German manufacturer Inuru, and although they are very simple, in the sense that they can only be illuminated in any color, it is still a curious demonstration of this technology.

Each bottle has electrical energy to turn on the screen about 500 times; so we imagine that within a few years getting a bottle to light will be an achievement for collectors.

The short run of these bottles doesn’t help either: only 8,000 units will be manufactured, all of the sugar-free version. Also, they will only be available in Singapore, but not in stores. To obtain them it is necessary to buy a regular bottle of Coca-Cola at a 7-Eleven store that participates in the promotion; Next, it is necessary to solve a series of puzzles on the official page by entering our data.

The production of these first bottles may be too expensive to be sold in stores; but they are a good advancement of what is to come with the cheapening of these technologies.

It would not surprise us that, in the next few years, the products we buy will have screens that play videos and animations to attract consumers. The flexible screens can be adapted to any shape, achieving very striking effects. And yes, surely there is something related to Star Wars.

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