New Evernote for Windows with smart search, colors to organize notes and more

Those users who use Evernote from the desktop version for Windows, will notice a series of interesting news in the new version.

For example, now we will find a new sidebar that allows us to easily navigate, view and manage our notebooks, according to our organization system.

We don't want the sidebar to steal space from us? Then we can choose to collapse the bar by pressing F10, but keeping the navigation options always visible. It has other interesting details that improve navigation, for example, when passing the course through Notebooks or Labels, we will see the options to carry out a search or create a new one.

They have also worked on enhancing searches, offering different criteria to users to filter their notes and find what they are looking for, as we see in the image:

And one of the most interesting news is that it now allows you to add colors and format to the Notebooks and Labels. This helps us to identify at a glance the different types of notes we have created.

To apply this, we only have to choose Style and give us the options of Bold, Italics, Underline and Strikethrough, in addition to 10 colors to customize certain labels or notebooks.

In addition, we will find several surprises in the note editor, such as the Code Block integration. To see all of these new features, you need to upgrade to the new version of Evernote for Windows.

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