New free Google ebook with tips to improve engagement with original content

The Google team has prepared a new online guide that we can download for free: Guide to Audience Engagement.

Given that 61% of users immediately go to another site if they cannot find what they are looking for, according to the AdSense team, it is necessary to take into account different factors so as not to lose our audience.

Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to bring together a series of tips to increase engagement by providing unique content and providing an excellent experience for users.

We will see how to become relevant to our audience, helping users become familiar with our brand with content that projects our voice, adds value and helps us differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Of course, it will show us how to use different Google tools and services to create a strategy that does not allow reaching different user segments and measure their effectiveness.

We will also look at some tips with statistics and examples that can help us develop a content strategy designed for our target audience.

In order to download this guide, it is only necessary to go to this link, complete the form and the download link will be automatically enabled.

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