New free high-speed WiFi at all Spanish airports

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AENA gets the batteries and within days of 2018 announces a new connection service WiFi in all Spanish airports, totally free and improving the current speed.

Waiting at airports can be timeless, but at least the connection allows us to stay entertained or connected in order to work. Also, airport WiFi networks can get us out of trouble at some point. Now that doesn’t mean they always work the way they should.

Aena, the public company that manages Spanish airports, has announced the introduction of a new service 100% free WiFi for all users, with an improved connection speed, no time limit and also eliminating advertising.

Free high-speed WiFi connection at Spanish airports

The new WiFi network that travelers will find at airports is called Airport Free Wifi Aena and was created with the aim of simplifying the connection process. This relaunch of the free connection in airports replaces the current service, which we remember was limited to 30 minutes, with advertising and a speed of 2 Mbps (hopefully).

To register for the new free WiFi network, users can log in through social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn), being part of the Aena Club Client or using a simple form. In addition, another novelty is that this login will be valid for all Spanish airports during a period of 3 months or 1 year.


According to Aena, the new WiFi service is an innovative service and is at the head of the airport sector in Europe and the United States, that is, they have not given any details of the connection speed that users can enjoy.

Along with the previous free plan there was also a Premium service, accessible upon payment of 5 euros, which eliminated the time limit and increased the speed to 10 Mbps (again, with great luck). Without details of the new connection speed, Aena s affirms that users of the free network will enjoy a enough speed even to consume high definition multimedia content.

If you are traveling abroad and need an Internet connection or do not want to consume your data when roaming, there are maps of the WiFi networks of airports around the world, such as the following:

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