New Google patent: Alerts to pedestrians by autonomous vehicles

Images with prototypes – US Patent Office

And since autonomous vehicles do not require a driver, with whom can pedestrians communicate to confirm that they can cross the street or should stop for a moment while the car continues uninterrupted in places, for example, where the enough signaling?

Well, Google has obtained a new patent that indicates that its autonomous vehicles could include a system of visual and audible alerts that, after analyzing the probability of a pedestrian crossing the street, proceed to show him his intention – that of the car – as to the movement to proceed to execute.

The signs would be arranged on the side doors of the car as well as on the rear or on the roof, and would be clear enough to show, depending on the moment, an understandable traffic signal or a text message. Going further, it is mentioned that even robotic arms and eyes could be part of the system.

Then, the combination of possibilities would end in the car making the best decision on whether to slow down, stop completely or continue moving, but at all times, alerting ordinary people to its course. In short, an important feature that optimizes vehicle traffic while always keeping pedestrian safety in mind.

More information: Patent Document – Article in The Washington Post

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