New Google patent: use the mobile camera to see our expression when searching the Internet

If we are searching on and we do not find what we want, we will surely put an expression of frustration easily recognizable by those around us, and it is that expression that could be used in the future to improve searches on the Internet.

In a new Google patent, a system is shown according to which the mobile camera will identify our reaction when searching, thus helping to improve until the time comes when we all have a face of extreme happiness when Google returns the results .

Measuring biometric data is not new, but in this case there are many variables that could also be obtained: body temperature, heart rate, pupil dilation, blinking frequency, redness of the face … all with the aim of obtaining the feeling generated by the results list.

They comment in TNW that the idea is to use the reactions to give a satisfaction score to each search result, and use that information for the next time the same search is done, both by the same user and by others.

At the moment it is only a patent, there are many points that must be covered to become a real product: from the way of measuring body temperature with the mobile in an easy way to the points more related to privacy, but the idea is already on table.

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