New problem allows anyone to know the status of a user on WhatsApp

If the recently discovered security problem were not enough, whereby anyone can block a user’s WhatsApp account simply by knowing their mobile phone number, as we pointed out earlier this week, we now know another security problem for which , by exploiting specific activity tracking applications and services, anyone can track the activity of a target user in the WhatsApp messaging application, also just knowing their mobile phone number.

The new security problem has been discovered and shared by the cybersecurity firm Traced, showing that these applications and services are also very easy to find, to the point that they sometimes disguise themselves as parental control tools in order to be available. even through the Google Play Store, despite the fact that this platform in principle prevents the publication of applications that may be used for harassment on the Internet.

The worst thing is the ease with which you can access these tools

These tools, which work from a telephone number, allow to notify third parties when the status of the target user changes to connected and when they disconnect from WhatsApp, being able to make complete reports of the activity, with graphics included, and in some In some cases, some of these tools also offer features premium that unlock some limitations and offer other tracking-related capabilities.

Since the publication of Android Police, they have come to test one of these tools, confirming that it clearly fulfills what it promises, verifying reliably what is indicated in the report of the cybersecurity firm Traced.

Again, it is the popular messaging platform, owned by Facebook, who should take actions to protect those users who do not want to be watched by third parties without their consent, there is currently no protection mechanism for the online states that are exploited through of these applications and services.

In addition, there is the fact that WhatsApp is used by more than 2,000 million users around the world, or what is the same, a quarter of the world population, so it is vitally important that WhatsApp take letters in the matter that prevents these levels of control, being able to affect any user of the platform, leaving the messaging application itself again in evidence in the face of a new security problem.

Google should also comment on this.

More information: Traced

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