New project for children to learn programming by playing

Awesome Shiel is a new project that seeks funding in Kickstarter, which aims to help children learn programming with a resource kit. They will have a learning platform and an Arduino device to develop different projects as they learn new concepts. programming and other skills.

The device has different components, which combined with the correct programming, can give rise to a series of functions that will help to create projects such as a burglar alarm, a theremin, among others. In addition to the hardware, they will have more than 100 video tutorials to find on the platform, which will guide them step by step in each of the projects.

At the moment, the content is only supported in English, although they are considering integrating subtitles at some point to facilitate learning for children who know the language. Even so, the videos are very easy to follow and with the advice of the parents, they can be carried out without problems.

And of course, not only children can benefit from this initiative, but all those who are looking for a fun, practical and dynamic way to learn coding. We can see more details of this project in Kickstarter.

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