New Sony patent: contact lenses that capture and store videos

Image: Patent graphic

This week a curious patent has been known that the giant Sony filed in the month of May 2013 in the United States about a digital contact lens with photo and video capture capabilities in addition to the reproduction and storage of them without need depending on mobile devices, according to various means.

This contact lens would have a display screen using organic electroluminescence and it would also have other capabilities such as automatic focus and exposure adjustment in addition to adjustable zoom and image stabilization, among others.The user will indicate to the device itself the time to perform the capture through the eye blinking, where according to the patent, the device itself will know how to differentiate the blinking as indicative of the capture of the usual blinking.

At the moment there are many unknowns presented by this patent, since it does not make clear how to control some of the capabilities incorporated in the device such as exposure settings or the reproduction of stored photographs and videos, among other aspects.

That is, at the moment it is only a patent represented on paper, that is, at present there is no specific product that allows us to better understand its operation in more detail.

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