New version of the Web Stories plugin for WordPress offers new forms of integration

Google remains determined to expand the Web Stories experience on the web by betting again on WordPress and its 41% share of Internet sites based on this CMS. To do this, they have just launched a new version of their Stories Editor for WordPress plugin, reaching the number 1.5.

As a reminder, it was at the beginning of July last year when they first launched the plugin for WordPress, although offering a different operating method than the one we now find with the new version, which is based on the use of blocks. .

Until now, the plugin only allowed the integration of individual Web Stories through their respective URLs.

New possibilities within reach

With the new version, in addition to being block-based, it adds the ability to choose to display a list of most recent stories, with filtering and classification options, which will be updated as new stories are published, and the ability to display selected stories.

For each of the two new options, Google has also brought different design possibilities: carousel of square elements, carousel of circular elements, grid view of up to four columns, and stacked list of stories.

They further specify that Each design option also offers a number of configuration controls to allow a higher level of control over the way Web Stories are displayed.

Users of WordPress-based sites will be able to integrate Web Stories anywhere just like they can with any other block in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

The most interesting thing to note is that now you can also combine own content with third party content, according to the strategies.

On the other hand, Google points out that the Astra, Astra and Newspack themes already have native support to display Web Stories, and that the new version of the plugin also offers integrations for the main default WordPress themes.

For Google, the sum of the new version of the plugin with the WordPress Gutenberg block editor:

has everything you need to unleash your creativity and bring the power of Stories to your content strategy

Let us also remember that the Web Stories are also available in the Searches and in Discover of the Google application, and that with the new version of the plugin, now users of WordPress-based websites have new integration possibilities, being able to follow the advice that we also give them.

More information: Google

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