New version of yed, the free graphics creation program, now with a web version

Yed It is a graphics program that we discussed here at WWwhatsnew for the first time in 2009, seven years ago, although in those days its name was different. We didn't mention him in 2012 with our famous list of alternatives to Microsoft Visio, but Ana Mariela did in the comments on that article, and we've been closely following his trail ever since.

It is a platform compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, which, for free, allows you to design diagrams and graphs of all kinds using the same Visio method: we drag and drop the elements and connect them to generate from flow diagrams to detailed information schemes.

Now we have several news. On the one hand, the company responsible for yed has announced yFiles for Java 3.0, a free library for those who work with graphics in Java, and on the other hand, we have the web version of yed at, which allows us to develop the designs without installing anything.

Yed has also updated its program for Windows, Mac and Linux, with a more stable version available at, completely free.

In addition to importing diagrams from different sources, and being able to export them in different formats, Yed supports diagrams of different categories (from UML to family trees), and has a good gallery of examples to avoid starting from scratch.

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