News coming to Microsoft Teams in the coming months

The new update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap reveals other new capabilities that will reach Microsoft Teams users over the next few months. With this, we can observe Microsoft’s constant effort to ensure that its collaborative workgroup platform continues to improve continuously.

In this regard, some of the new capabilities are quite striking, such as the possibility of setting timers for meeting rooms, which at the end of the established period, everyone present in them will be part of the main meeting again.

Covering all kinds of situations and needs

This is one of the features that will come soon, but on the other hand, meeting organizers may establish meeting locks in order to prevent access by third parties, who will receive a notice of this when trying to enter.

This other feature will arrive throughout the next May in Microsoft Teams.

In addition, to save time on configurations, users can reuse existing configurations in meeting rooms so that they can be used in multiple sessions.

Also of interest is the new supervised chats function, a feature especially focused on teachers and other professionals in the world of education, which prevents students from having conversations with each other except when a supervisor is present among them.

This last capacity will arrive this next April, along with the capacity of retention in the rooms, and even also the possibility of carrying out PowerPoint slide presentations through Live Presentations, another of the new capacities that is currently available. Developing.

But first, precisely during the remainder of this month of March, the ability to establish exclusion lists arrives, allowing organizers to create lists that contain all those users who do not want them to access their meetings, with the focus especially on people belonging to commercial pressure groups, allowing the rest of the participants to enter.

This is one more example of Microsoft’s interest in empowering Teams, increasing efforts to bring new capabilities that make it a solution as complete as possible, covering all kinds of issues that may arise at any given time, so that users have everything what you need to carry out your projects collaboratively.

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