Niantic will bring the classic board game Catan to the real world with augmented reality

Niantic continues to bet on Augmented Reality to bring new game titles to the market. Known for the popular game Pokemon Go, she is now preparing the launch of her fourth Augmented Reality game, which will be called Catan: World Explorers.

This new title will be based on the popular and classic Catan strategic board game, and that it will come to the market in cooperation with the board game publisher Asmodee, current owner of the rights to the game Catan.

Catan: World Explorers bring the classic board game board to the physical world to transform neighborhoods, towns and cities around the world into a giant game of CATAN, where players will have to harvest, market and build in the real world as cities and places of interest are transformed into opportunities to collect resources and build settlements, as described in the game’s new website, the only information available about it.

Niantic points out that the game enter beta very soon, but has not offered more information about it.

Also, it is not the only title they have in progress, since as they point out in their statement, they have more than ten new games in development, including prototypes for portable AR devices, each with a unique and innovative game, focused on outdoor exploration, movement and social interaction.

Those interested in participating in the new game have, meanwhile, the opportunity to follow the news that are arriving, being able to pre-register on the official website, which seems to imply that the launch will not reach a global level, but rather through a gradual rollout between markets.

As in these cases, and given the many doubts, given the limited information offered, we can only wait for Niantic to offer more information when it deems it appropriate.

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