Nintendo DS emulators to play in high resolution

Nintendo DS emulators to play in high resolution

With these Nintendo DS emulators we can play in high resolution.

Thanks to the community, players can enjoy titles from other platforms with emulators, in many occasions improved and as they have never been seen, taking advantage of the power of our systems.

This is especially noticeable on consoles that were powerful enough to display 3D graphics, but not so powerful that these are in high resolution; For example, the Nintendo DS had 3D games, but at 256 192 pixel resolutions, playing on big screens can be a nightmare.

How Nintendo DS emulators have improved

We have two solutions: on PC there is afork (a modified version) of DeSmuME, the best Nintendo DS emulator that allows you to run games at high resolutions.

Meanwhile, on Android the best DS emulator, called DraStic, has been updated with the option to take advantage of the high resolution of the screens of our devices; It has been rediscovered on reddit and other forums like NeoGAF and the network is filling up with high resolution screenshots of classic games.

FromKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days toThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracksgoing through underrated jewelry likeElite Beat Agents or Japanese oddities like Idolm @ sterThe difference is impressive with these Nintendo DS formulators.

Download DraStic for Android

Download DeSmuME

Download fork of DeSmuME in high resolution

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