No, Apple hasn’t said we don’t cover the MacBook camera

Sometimes people want to read controversy, and are so thirsty for it that they misinterpret the texts of the big companies in order to have a good topic to talk about.

That is what has happened recently with Apple. A few days ago, he told MacBook owners not to close their computers with the camera covered, and people began to complain and wonder why Apple could ask for something similar.

The reason is simple, and it has nothing to do with whether we can’t spy on you.

Apple didn’t say don’t use the camera lid, it said don’t close your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with a lid over the camera, and the reason is more about design and engineering than privacy.

Closing the computer with a cover could damage the screen. The separation between screen and keyboard is minimal, and if there is a small space generated by the cover, we will be giving wrong information to the ambient light sensor, thus affecting the automatic brightness functions, among others.

In ZDNET they have spoken with an Apple technician and have confirmed that, indeed, since the quarantine has begun and people work at home, the use of covers in the computer camera has increased, and consequently the amount of covers has also increased. screen breaks.

The fault appears in a bright white line in the center of the screen, so if something like this appears on your computer, you already know why.

Anything that comes between the screen and the keyboard can break the screen quickly, so avoid putting coins, paper clips, covers, or anything else, no matter how small. To avoid a problem, the camera cover should not be thicker than a sheet of normal printer paper (0.1mm) and should not leave any adhesive residue.

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