No union to be formed at Amazon, after strong opposition in elections

A severe setback was suffered by the trade union movement that was formed in one of the warehouses of Amazon in Alabama.

After developing the pertinent elections, last Friday the workers mainly expressed their refusal to this initiative, with 1798 votes that were imposed against the 738 workers who supported the proposal.

With more than a thousand votes difference, Amazon workers chose not to unionize

The pro-unionization process within the ranks of Amazon warehouse workers in the state of Alabama, United States, was a process not without controversy. In summary, the campaign was carried out under tension, marked by the constant replies between both parties that were triggered by the debate surrounding the working conditions of the more than 800 thousand employees of the company.

Of the 5,876 members of Amazon’s workforce authorized to vote, 3,041 used their ballots. During the count, some votes were objected, but the company’s labor board assured that this volume does not imply a significant variation in the result.

After completing this process, Amazon issued a release celebrating the participation of its workers in the voting. It is easy to predict that the union will say that Amazon won this election because we intimidated employees, but that is not true. Our employees heard far more anti-Amazon messages from the union, the authorities, and the media than they heard from us.the company pointed out. And Amazon didn’t win, our employees made the decision to vote against joining a unionthey added as well.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos, during all this last time dismissed the union initiative, arguing that their working conditions are higher than those usually seen in other companies, highlighting, for example, their minimum wage of $ 15 dollars per hour.

The trade union movement wants to persevere

Union activists vowed to demand a new vote, claiming that the US retail and tech giant used unfair tactics, such as constant monitoring and lobbying, that they favored an environment of confusion, coercion and / or fear of retaliation and thus interfered with the freedom of choice of employees, according to the movement.

After the known results, several spokespersons emerged to support the union movement, ensuring that they will continue with their efforts.

Richard Trumka, president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, told the press that whether Jeff Bezos likes it or not, this organizing campaign will open the floodgates to more collective action.

Also in open contact with reporters, Linda Burns, an Amazon warehouse worker referred to in this process, commented: I want my Amazon colleagues to know that it is not over, asserting that we will fight for our rights as human beings, not as robots.

As with the formation of the Alphabet unionScholars and opinion leaders, especially in the United States, have been following this episode closely. An important current of this criticism assures that this is just one more episode of a case that could be longer, with more confrontations that could appear in the future.

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