North Korea accused of attacking Sony Pictures in 6 keys


Sony is still living the consequences of the hacker attack that destroyed its databases and emails in the hands of others. After almost two weeks of uncertainty, the US security forces have finally dared to point to a culprit.


The FBI has announced that North Korea is behind the hacking attack on Sony Pictures.


After weeks of investigation and constant rumors, the FBI has concluded the provenance of the attacks.


The North Korean government, led by Kim Jong-un, according to the FBI, is responsible for the actions taken against Sony Pictures.


The movie The Interview, produced by Sony, may be the reason behind the attack.

The keys

  • 1: The FBI has publicly accused North Korea for the first time of executing a computer attack on Sony Pictures in which information was stolen.
  • 2: Members of the government and internal sources have already commented the same in recent days, but only now are the results of the official investigation known.
  • 3:North Korea initially denied its role in attack. We are waiting for more statements.
  • 4: The Interview, a stretch film about a possible murder of Kim Jong-un, has been removed from theaters after alleged hackers threatened Sony employees and all Americans.
  • 5: Hackers have contacted Sony promising to end their operations if The Interview disappears from its catalog and does not see the light.
  • 6: The possible consequences for North Korea are not clear. Although before the official announcement there was talk of countering the attack, the country does not have a film industry at the height of Hollywood. North Korea also has no trade relations with the United States, so it cannot receive penalties or fines.

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