notospy, a different social network, based on console and web

When we think of social network we think of Facebook; when we think of content network, we think of Twitter; when we think about chat, we think about WhatsApp;… it seems that there is already a leader in each category, it seems that they have invented everything, and few dare to do something different.

Today we will talk about notospy, a quite different communication network, where a command console, like the one you see below, is in charge of opening new channels, entering new chats, sending messages … in fact, the chat rooms are endless , because any #tag is transformed into a chat room automatically, so communication can flow without fear.

Its use is not easy, in fact the learning curve is not the best in the world, but its possibilities are enormous, since it includes everything from a chat system to a mail service between users, passing through an application store (very limited in this version). 1.0) or radio (just put the play country on the console, for example, for them to play songs from that category).

The problem is that it won't be useful until there aren't thousands of users in their infinite chat rooms, and that is something extremely difficult to achieve today.

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