Now more than ever, beware of mobile scams

Two days ago we told you about the new problem of leaked data that Facebook has suffered, more than 500 million accounts, with user names and telephone numbers, among other data, available for free on the web.

You can find the details in this link, where I already told you how the information theft process was and where the data was available.

The fact is that there is a well-known website where it is possible to see if our email has been included in any of the lists of filtered data in recent years. It is about, where you only have to report your email and it will tell you if it was present in the different thefts.

In this case it is not very useful to know if our email was among the 500 million data of Facebook, in fact the administrator of haveibeenpwned has not yet managed to analyze all the information to obtain that data, so even if he says no now, he can be it s. The most relevant thing is to know if our phone was on that list, and that is not something that has been reported at the moment.

Yes, our phone has been leaked

The best thing is to imagine that yes, that our phone was in that database, that someone has our name, our place of birth, our place of residence and our phone number, something that Facebook requires to be able to manage its pages.

In that case, we can be prepared for what is coming: thousands of SMS scams on mobile phones, messages that say that we have a package in the post office, or that we have to pay customs fees, or any other text accompanied by a link in which we will have to report data or make a payment.

You have to be extra careful, it will be very difficult months, and if the amount of spam in SMS increases a lot, it would not be a bad idea to change your phone number.

I leave you the two main scams that can come by phone so that you are more attentive than ever:

SMS messages with malicious links. Verify that it is a true message by analyzing the url that arrives, if it is an unknown url, be suspicious. Whatsapp scams. If someone manages to get hold of someone else’s account, they can message their contacts asking for anything, mainly application access codes or bank account verification codes. You can follow these tips that we published a while ago.

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