Now you can improve your public presentations with PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Presenting a topic in public can be one of the most intimidating experiences if you don’t have the confidence to convey information to your audience in a clear and engaging way.

In this sense, many people tend to lack the eloquence necessary to express themselves fluently in front of an audience, a situation that can occur both in the workplace and academically.

In addition to this, it is also necessary to take into account the use of tools that facilitate the presenter the task of transmitting the information to the audience clearly, either through graphics or other elements that serve to reinforce what is expressed.

With this in mind, the technology giant Microsoft has decided to launch its PowerPoint Presenter Coach tool on the Android mobile platform with which it hopes to help people improve their public presentations.

This is how Microsoft continues to innovate in its office suite aimed at the Android environment, where it had previously made its Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools available to users in a single application, all under the name of Microsoft Office.

It should be noted that PowerPoint Presenter Coach had already been introduced last year in the web version of PowerPoint. On this occasion PowerPoint Presenter Coach makes its debut on this mobile platform acting as a virtual coach.

However, it should be noted that the mobile version of PowerPoint Presenter Coach is only available for use by Microsoft office 365 subscribers.

Features of PowerPoint Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is an AI-powered feature designed to assist an individual in improving and honing their skills when presenting in public.

Through an on-screen guide, PowerPoint Presenter Coach will provide the user with indicators about their performance in aspects such as rhythm, the use of inclusive language, rudeness, as well as the frequency in the use of filler words or phrases typical of the language that may be culturally inappropriate.

After finishing the session, PowerPoint Presenter Coach will generate a detailed report in which you will see statistics and tips that you should put into practice to optimize your presentation. In this sense, they will probably recommend making it more entertaining or resorting to the use of other words or expressions, so that you can make a more inclusive and politically correct presentation.

As we have mentioned, PowerPoint Presenter Coach is only available for Android devices through its Google Play store, although it is expected to arrive on iOS sometime this year.

To start using PowerPoint Presenter Coach, all you have to do is open a presentation and then click on the actions menu where you will find the option to rehearse with the coach. As far as languages ​​are concerned, Microsoft has not yet disclosed information on which languages ​​will be supported by the application.

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