Noysi videoconferences, free, without time limit and without registration

Finding the ideal video conferencing tool is not an easy task. There are many options, and in this quarantine we have had the opportunity to try almost all of them.

We have Zoom, Google Meet, Houseparty, Google Duo, Whatsapp … but there are other lesser known ones that are worth mentioning, and today we will talk about noysi.

It is a solution with several visible advantages:

– They do not analyze any kind of user information. – No registration required. – No need to download anything. – The free plan has no time limit (they only charge for recording the call or streaming on YouTube). – There is no limit of users.

Its CEO, Hctor Castillo, tells us that they have always been characterized by two things, Security and High Availability, they have never fallen.

More than 4 years ago we talked about noisy as a solution similar to Slack, to improve the productivity of work groups. Over time they have been able to adapt to new needs and evolve in the communication sector.

To use the videoconferencing tool we have to enter and put the name of the meeting room that we want. Once inside, it is even possible to add a password to the session, so that anyone who has the corresponding url does not join.

It has chat and the possibility of sharing the screen, being a good option to give classes online, or to offer support to other people, in addition to, obviously, for family and work meetings.

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