Nvidia Tesla 100, the most powerful GPU ever created

Nvidia Tesla 100, the most powerful GPU ever created

The new Nvidia Tesla 100 is officially the most powerful GPU on the market, although you may not see it on your computer.

The future of GPUs is no longer only in graphics cards, they are not only used to enjoy the latest video games with the best quality. That in certain operations are faster than a CPU of the same range, makes them very useful in certain sectors.

For example, in the HPC industry, high-performance computers that have to perform billions of operations on server farms. OR on board your future autonomous car, who analyzes the situation and always makes the best decision.

Nvidia Tesla 100, the GPU of the future

The Tesla 100 is oriented to this type of use, and not so much to our computer. It is part of the new generation of Pascal chips, which happens to the Maxwell generation that has given us so much joy, but everything points to Pascal exceeding all our expectations.

With 15 billion transistors, the chip is made up of what Nvidia has called miracles, great strides in a very small space that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

The Tesla 100 is based on the new 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, which has allowed to multiply by two the density of transistors, using 70% less energy at the same time. It is a more powerful GPU, but also more efficient, ideal for production environments or the dashboard of the car.

Compared to Maxwell, performance per watt is multiplied by twoThe Tesla 100 comes with 4MB of L2 cache memory.

As for the memory, it has 16 GB, it is compatible with HBM2, the standard of which at the moment is the fastest DRAM memory in the world. The Tesla 100 is the only chip on the market that reaches a bandwidth of 1 TB / s using this technology.

All of this translates into double precision performance of 5.3 TFLOPsWhile the single precision performance goes to all 10 TFLOPs easily. This data is double what Nvidia itself was working on in the previous generation of GPUs.

The Tesla 100 demonstrate its worth in the DGX-1, the tiny supercomputer that Nvidia has unveiled today, with a performance of 170 TFLOPYes and that will allow for more advancements in deep learning. Be available for $ 129,000.

How does the launch of the Nvidia Tesla 100 affect you and me? Well, although the Tesla range is not designed for computers, Pascal chips will end up on graphics cards sooner rather than later, and at that moment we can take advantage of all that power in our computers. Meanwhile, we will continue dreaming about the possibilities that this chip opens for the future.

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