Nvidia will prevent its cards from being used to mine bitcoins

To mine cryptocurrencies you need really high computing power, and there are many people who take advantage of the characteristics of some graphics cards to do that.

Nvidia is not amused by the subject, and has now devised a plan to stop reselling their cards at huge prices taking advantage of the lack of stock of the same.

Apparently there are thousands of people buying the latest models of Nvidia cards until they run out of stock, and then resell them to people interested in mining bitcoins and other currencies, something that, although it may generate an economic benefit for Nvidia, that sells everything, it is not within the original plans.

What they will do is encourage the purchase of previous models, such as the GTX 1050 Ti, which is not useful for mining Ethereum, but also limit the capacity of the new ones, without affecting gamers, but making them useless for those who mine.

The RTX 3060 is one that has already received that limit with a driver update. They have reduced the hash rate of the GPU, and the new RTX 3080 Ti will be limited from the factory, so miners will probably not buy all the units in the first day, as they have already happened with other models.

As the price of bitcoin rises, the numbers are attractive to those who want to invest in mining hardware. There are already thousands of large servers dedicated to the subject in places where refrigeration is cheaper and the electricity bill does not sting so much, and in the guts of those servers there are always large cards responsible for the mathematical calculations necessary for the process.

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