Oclean leads the new direction of technology innovation

Although the electric toothbrush industry has long entered the era of intelligence, there has not been a comprehensive view of the leading brands, the monopoly of the electric toothbrush industry as a whole has not meant a breakthrough in technological innovation. In recent years, the new Oclean brand has become a newcomer in the electric toothbrush industry by virtue of its continuous technological innovation among the first field.

In terms of technological innovation, Oclean has taken a very difficult path: it has completely avoided the patented technology of electric toothbrushes that are exclusive to the leading brands in the sector, and has chosen to start research and development from scratch. , accumulating more than 120 patents in the field of electric toothbrushes, and the number of new patents has been the first in the industry worldwide. Various technical innovations are at the forefront of the industry, for example, magnetic levitation brushless motor, 8-zone blind monitoring technology, ultrasonic active noise reduction mute technology, etc.

In addition to technological innovation, Oclean places greater importance on technological innovation and the implementation of the user experience.

Cleaning power: Compared with traditional toothbrushes, cleaning ability is the most important advantage of electric toothbrushes. However, many electric toothbrushes fall into a strange circle in terms of cleanliness, pursuing greater cleaning ability but neglecting the convenience of brushing and the protection of gums and enamel. Unlike these brands, Oclean uses a magnetic levitation brushless motor with a maximum speed of 42,000 rpm and a brush head torque of 220 The brush head also uses DuPont’s double-ended silk diamond bristles with a rounding rate and flock density that far exceeds that of other brands in the same industry, ensuring the cleaning power and health of the brush. gums and enamel.

Blind monitoring technology– The technology is designed to monitor the user’s brushing situation, so that users can easily understand their brushing situation and adjust their brushing habits in a timely manner. However, most of the products on the market rely on the cell phone app for blind zone monitoring technology, users need to open the cell phone app to monitor the brushing situation when brushing teeth, which is a cumbersome experience and far from consumer expectations. In response to this situation, Oclean proposed an innovative solution: the APP toothbrush, independent of blind area monitoring.

Oclean adds a six-axis gyroscope inside the toothbrush, using blending algorithms, posture algorithms, and statistical methods, so that the toothbrush can independently collect and analyze the brush data, while monitoring results are displayed on the color LCD touch screen. In this way, users can quickly understand the brushing situation and make specific adjustments without opening the app, which is used for long-term data tracking. This app will provide users with the corresponding brushing recommendations after big data calculation and analysis.

Customizing the application program: At present, the ordinary smart electric toothbrush mode selection is relatively unique, generally only in some modes to switch, or specifically to buy a functional brush head, can not focus on cleaning the oral cavity of the user, it is not an efficient prevention of oral disease. In response to this situation, the Oclean team hired several professional dentists as technical consultants to integrate oral science and technology, and implemented more than 20 professional toothbrushing programs in the APP, which can be matched based on eating habits and habits. the user’s oral conditions, and also helps users to customize the program according to their own oral diseases. This will improve the efficiency of the user’s mouth cleaning and effectively prevent oral diseases.

Silent technology: The noise of the electric toothbrush and the structure of the toothbrush have a lot to do, such as the operation of the motor, mechanical driving, the structure of the body, the vibration of the brush head will make the noise more obvious. Exclusive research and development of the Oclean brand of pure sound ultrasonic active noise reduction technology, to solve the industry problem. The technology uses a high-frequency signal above 20,000 Hz to drive the motor, with a noise suppression algorithm to suppress the harmonic cavity of the sound wave generated by motor operation, for ultra-quiet operation. According to Oclean’s lab test, the technology can make the electric toothbrush work with a sound of only 45 dB. Within 1 meter away from the electric toothbrush, people cannot hear the sound of the toothbrush. With this technology, users will no longer be bothered by noise when brushing their teeth and will not have to worry about disturbing their families while using it.

OS system + LCD screen– Other smart electric toothbrushes on the market are just a simple combination of functions, which is not yet perfect intelligence. Oclean products use the OS operating system, equivalent to the electric toothbrush to complement a brain of its own, equipped with the toothbrush to calculate, analyze and have instant feedback capabilities. Oclean also combines OS operating system and color touch screen in depth. With the display, the user and the toothbrush can form a complete information flow closed loop, providing consumers with an intelligent and easy-to-use interaction.

Battery life: The current inconvenience of charging smart electric toothbrush, a long time, but the problem of short battery life makes the user experience greatly reduced. Oclean understands the user demand for the electric toothbrush charging method and efficiency, the innovative wireless fast charging technology used only in conventional high-end cell phones, not only maximizes convenience, but also accelerates charging speed to 3.5 h. At the same time, Oclean By optimizing motor technology, the total loss of the electric toothbrush is reduced and the battery life is extended to 35 days. It fundamentally solves the problem of frequent charging of electric toothbrushes and makes it convenient for users to travel with them.

Oclean reportedly launching electric toothbrush soon Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart, equipped with the latest version of the OS system, optimizing the smart experience and improving the cleaning system in all areas. Besides, it also incorporates its innovative silent technology, wireless fast cell phone charging technology, etc. to optimize the user experience to the maximum.

The upgrade and rush of Oclean technology, the insistence on implementing technological innovation in the user experience has broken the situation of simply accumulating technology in the electric toothbrush industry and has led the new direction of technological innovation in the smart electric toothbrushes.

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