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Teleworking is not only one of the great topics of interest around the COVID-19 pandemic, as the trend indicates that this will be one of the legacies that this period will leave for the future. An example of this is how large companies have announced that they will keep some jobs operating remotely, even when all security and social distancing measures cease.

Under this context, Office Free emerged, a job bank dedicated to presenting job offers that are developed exclusively under a remote modality, including contests held by some well-known companies in the digital plane.

During these last months the practice of teleworking has been consolidated, coming to stay. Its implementation, motivated and in many cases forced by the context that triggered the pandemic during this year, resulted in the resolution to keep some jobs under this modality. Facebook, Twitter and Shopify are some examples of this new way of conceiving work activity.

Currently, there are several companies around the globe that have opened jobs for people from anywhere in the world. However, finding ads that specifically meet this criteria can be difficult.

Office Free was created with the purpose of bringing interested people closer to these job offers, providing valuable information for those who feel motivated to apply. For example, you can find information about how your country of origin would affect your salary, the shifts or goals under which you work in that position, the benefits you can access (in terms of well-being, vacations, insurance, holidays and others), the hired profile they are looking for in that company and in general, what their remote work system is like.

The file of each advertised company, along with presenting the main characteristics of its work system, also contains some reference links to learn from a more direct source what the experience working there is like.

Some of the advertisers featured on the cover of Office Free

The platform is relatively new, as it is currently in version 0.1. However, it is already fully operational, grouping job offers from Automattic (the company behind and Tumblr), Buffer, Ghost, Basecamp and several others.

Office Free also has an open form, in which any company that complies with the platform’s profile can offer their job offers to practice remotely, thus also opening an opportunity for employers around the world who are looking for talent to add to their ranks, regardless of their region of origin.

In what is so far his only blog post published just a couple of days ago, Adam, creator of Office Free, noted that he is already working to add new sections and features, including details on the best tools, within the next few months. for teleworking.

For those who want to keep an eye on the latest job offers published in Office Free, the platform offers the option of subscribing to its newsletter via email, to receive the main news published there in your inbox.

Teleworking has among its advantages greater freedom to organize the time dedicated to your duties, making it compatible with other aspects of your life. The lack of organization could affect not only your work life, but also your family life and even your personal leisure spaces.

If you’re looking for more options for finding a remote job, a couple of weeks ago we rounded up some similar sites that have been around the longest.

Office Free joins this list, as one more alternative to consider for these searches.


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