Official music videos arrive on Facebook

Facebook has just announced the arrival of official music videos on its platform, which will land this weekend for users in the United States.

This launch is carried out in association with record companies such as Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, among others, as well as publishers and companies, according to the company in a statement.

Users will have access to an extensive catalog of official music videos ranging from the most classical themes to current musical themes, even from the most commercial themes to the most independent, although Facebook will serve as global launch pad for new works by a range of artists over the next few weeks, in which they will show their new music videos and allow interactions between their followers.

And with the arrival of official music videos comes a new form of discovery on the platform. In this sense, thanks to the fact that users can react and comment, but above all, share music videos on their walls, groups and conversations in Messenger, the platform will offer you to discover new artists and musical themes in a personalized way.

Besides that, also comes a new section on Facebook Watch called Music so that users can discover new music videos by genre, artist or mood, as well as thematic playlists, an experience that will adapt to each user over time.

If that was not enough, users will be able to keep track of their favorite artists and music bands through their respective pages, which have also received an update to make it easier for them to know all the news and discover the music videos that go away. posting.

Over time, more music videos and more social features will arrive.. For the moment, the official music videos remain only in the United States, without the platform having made mention of the arrival in other markets, except for the point that it has previously been working with partners in India and Thailand to try to launch a new one. similar experience.

Image Credit: Facebook

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