Oliver, a technology to prevent injuries and analyze soccer player data

They now present us with a technological platform born with the aim of preventing injuries among soccer players.

It is OLIVER, consisting of a device that is put on the shin guard and a data monitoring platform.

With the wearable we can see data related to the athletic and technical capacity of the athlete, as well as their physical state and evolution. Thanks to the generated graphics you can see the performance and progress of the team as a whole.

In addition to the smart shin guard, capable of collecting information while playing or training, the platform sends the data to the mobile and web app, so that it can be analyzed by both the coaches and the players themselves or the team managers.

Among the data we have, they tell us:

[…] number of ball hits, kick strength, heat map, distance traveled, segmented speed, acceleration and braking, sprints, volume and intensity of the game or training session.

With this information it is even possible to calculate the Injury Risk Index, an index that can be customized to determine the probability that a player will be injured.

To use it, we just have to take the OLI, put it on the shin guard and go out to play. Then we will create the session in the app and synchronize the data via mobile application. Finally, we will analyze individual and team performance via mobile and web applications.

The OLI weighs 15 grams, the frequencies are 10 hz GPS – 50 hz IMU, it has an LED indicator, battery charger and Bluetooth connection. The shin guard is made of 100% PolySoft fiber, with sizes L and XL.

The invention belongs to a group of Argentine entrepreneurs from Barcelona, ​​who have managed to raise an investment round of 400 thousand euros.

Now they want to reach grassroots football, quarries, women’s football, amateur teams … it is already being used in the quarries of Argentine and Uruguayan teams, and is available in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

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