One of the Alphabet companies, mother of Google, wants to design smart cities

In June 2015 Alphabet, a company that Google created in order to better divide its products and services, presented Sidewalk Labs, a company that will create innovative projects in the technology sector to implement them in urban areas and improve the quality of life in large cities.

Until now, all they had done was announce the introduction of free WiFi in areas of New York, but now we have more data. According to a report by The Information, Sidewalk Labs is working on the design of a digital neighborhood, and the goal in the future is to be able to design an entire city.

To achieve this, as indicated by mashable, they are already collaborating with several professionals specialized in city planning, as well as contacting states and countries to see who may be interested in having the first digital neighborhood (there are already rumors about the interest of Denver and Detroit).

Although there are no details on what they mean by digital neighborhood, the company's CEO, Dan Doctoroff, commented on some interesting points, such as driverless cars, new forms of public transport, high-tech wireless solutions and new forms of government.

Once again, it seems that it is Google, a private company, that wants to solve the problems that, in theory, should be solved with public companies.

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