Online list appears with hundreds of access data for Spotify users

Image: Spotify website

Has the security of user data on Spotify been violated again? According to the company, no, but according to the different victims, yes.

The fact is that a list has appeared with hundreds of access data, account types, self-renewal dates, and even countries where user accounts have been created in a publication available on the Pastebin platform, according to TechCrunch.

This medium has contacted some of the victims, obtaining comments from them about the different inconveniences suffered, ranging from the alterations in the playlists to the sudden expulsion in the middle of the music reproduction, even going through accounts to the that the email address has been changed for others outside the users and accounts that have been blocked, all during the past week.Furthermore, due to the habit of using the same passwords, some users have seen that their accounts on other online platforms have also been affected, such as their accounts on social networks and online banking entities. The versions of the victims, who prefer to remain anonymous, contrast with the statements made by a Spotify spokesperson to the aforementioned media today, pointing out that the accounts of the users have not been hacked and that the registration of the same they are safe.

In this sense, taking into account the statements of the victims, and that the publication in Pastebin dates from last April 23, it is obvious that the list is quite current and not an old list of past security breaches to which it has had to deal with Spotify in the past.

At the moment it is all the information that is in this matter, where in any case Spotify will have to face another possible problem of violation of its security systems.

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