Openmeet, to hold video call meetings in the simplest possible way

If we ever consider making a simple and fast video call through the web, to maintain direct meetings with partners, clients, coworkers, among other possible people, Openmeet It is a new solution that comes now to save us from the complications that the main video calling tools create for us with the setting of meetings for those moments that can be good for everyone.

Basically all we have to do is create a meeting on the spot, without the need for user accounts, and share the temporary link that we will obtain through email, social networks, or any other way, so that those interested in contacting us can join through this link, getting in line to talk with us when their corresponding turns arrive.

The best thing is that it will not be necessary for those who want to contact us to register or download any application to their devices, since everything works through web browser.

Once we have talked to everyone who has joined through the shared link, then we can terminate our session with Openmeet, invalidating the shared link.

We talk about the basic functionality that Openmeet offers us for free, although it also offers payment features for small companies and large corporations, allowing from customizing the user interface with corporate identity elements, to having permanent links, multiple links for meetings, etc.

Sometimes the simplest is the most practical, something that is clearly demonstrated in this new tool, characterized by its simplicity and functionality, an alternative to the great options for those who simply want to have a meeting is a video call, that is, from 1 to 1, with hardly any complications, which is basically the philosophy with which it was born and comes at a time when video calls are in full swing for teleworking, distance education, among other options that have been altered by the pandemic.

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