Opera offers new email service, simple but elegant

Opera Software, a company known for its web browsers for computers and mobile terminals, also signs up to offer an email service. If you have an account in some of Opera’s services, or if not, you can start registering, you can go to to your email account, obtaining an address of type user@ You will find a simple and functional interface, both for desktop and mobile devices where appropriate, where you can send and write emails through the browser, although also supports access via IMAP whose data appears in the welcome email, and like GMail, you will have the messages received grouped in threads, all through the functionalities through ajax and having many functions of, an email service that does about one year I bought Opera. For now, you can only manage the email and the contact list, having the elementary options for this, also indicating that this service is in beta. For now, a series of questions remain, such as the capacity of the accounts or the maximum capacity of the attachments allowed, wanting to see in their day organizational possibilities that currently do not have, in addition to other customization and configuration options.

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