Opera opens the "Spotify" of mobile apps


The subscription model, by which you can get everything a service offers for a fee, has shown some success in the music market, but it is not clear that it can be extrapolated to other sectors. Now Opera intends to try it with its own mobile app store, which will open a subscription service with which we will be able to access thousands of premium apps just by paying a weekly fee; Opera compares it to a buffet where we can eat as much as we can, an accurate analogue because the key to this type of service is that most users do not consume much more than normal just because they have access to the entire catalog and, after the novelty, they only consume what they really like.

The subscription model reaches apps

In this way Opera aims to offer something new in the complicated market of app stores, one dominated by the manufacturers of each system, Apple with its App Store and Google with its Play Store. Although the official announcement does not mention platforms, the Opera app store deals with applications for a wide variety of platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The fashion of the apps that we live in today has meant that every week a large number of programs are launched without much hope of success; Although the number of alternatives is increasing, few of them survive a year. Perhaps the solution to sustain this business model is guarantee income through the subscription model with which users dare to experiment more to get more for their money. On the other hand, it is a model that is difficult to attract attention if the big names do not sign up.

At the moment Opera is already open to all developers interested in entering this subscription model, will it be successful?

Source | Opera

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