Optical illusions, retro games, noise detectors and more

If you want to entertain yourself for a few minutes with really original web pages, pay attention to the list that we offer you today.

It is a series of web applications published on, a website that includes 8 really interesting resources:

1. Look at this optical illusion for 30 seconds, then turn your head and look at the real environment. The world will have changed, it will move… 2. To enjoy images of our planet from satellites, in real time.3. To make effects with our photos, more than 80 available. It is the least striking of all, since it is not something that the photo editing apps on our mobile phone do not do. To play the classic tic-tac-toe, in a retro online version 5. The famous snake could not be missing on such a page. Here you have it in all its splendor. 6. Game of gems and colors that has the days numbered: it is made in flash. 7. To go zapping on an old-fashioned TV. Make quite original and funny channels.

8. The best. They are balls that move when there is a lot of noise. If they are standing, it is because there is absolute silence. Ideal to put in class or in the library.

Although many of them are still curiosities to spend a few minutes, there are others that can help us to continue investigating on the subject, such as optical illusions for example. The eighth, on the other hand, has already become one of my markers.

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