Over 7,000 free online courses on technology and software development

If you are looking for free technology courses, and you know English, you can take a look at the Pluralsight proposal.

This month it makes its catalog of more than 7,000 courses for software developers available to all users.

Thousands of free online courses

We have already shared with you a selected list of free technology courses that you can take in April. All are online courses taught in Spanish on different educational platforms.

But if you have no problem following content in English, you can expand your proposals in free technology courses, thanks to the Pluralsight initiative. This platform is opening its catalog of more than 7000 courses to all users for free.

An offer that lasts only during the month of April. It is as if you were a premium user on the platform, but without paying a penny. If you take a look at their catalog, you will see that they have an incredible variety of courses covering all the most popular topics in software and technology.

For example, you will find educational programs on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software development, Microsoft service management, business networks, among other options. Most courses have 2-3 hours of content, although you can follow the entire program at your own pace.

As in most educational platforms, the courses are made up of video classes and complementary material, although each instructor will have their own dynamics. All the courses indicate for which type of users they are designed according to the level of experience: beginners, intermediate or advanced.

And if you do not know where to start, you can also use the Paths that will indicate a series of courses to get started in a certain technology or programming language, for example, JavaScript. To take any of the courses you just have to create a Pluralsight account and follow the instructions.

Remember that this proposal to have all the courses in the catalog will only be available for this month of April.

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