PAC-MAN 99, the new Battle Royale for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online is adding a new free proposal: PAC-MAN 99.

Yes, a new battle royale that breathes new life into the classic Pac-Man and promises many hours of entertainment from your Nintendo Switch.

PAC-MAN 99, free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

As with Tetris 99 at the beginning of 2019, Nintendo is giving an iconic game a twist to delight users with PAC-MAN 99. A proposal that will also be available for free to active subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online.

The dynamics are simple, as the name implies: 99 users play simultaneously until only one winner remains. And of course, dynamics to apply different strategies and demonstrate our skills playing the classic PAC-MAN. The ghosts will not only be key to our game, but also to the strategy we form for our adversaries, so we must be attentive to all the possibilities.

And yes, you will notice several differences in relation to the original game as you can see in the video shared by the Nintendo team:

The game has some extras to customize its dynamics that can be purchased for a couple of dollars. For example, you can opt for various custom modes or themes to give the labyrinth different settings, with sounds and graphics ideal for those nostalgic for Pac-Man and other classic Namco games.

There are about 20 themes available at a price of $ 2 each and also packages with all the extras at about $ 30, among other extras. PAC-MAN will be available in Spain from April 8, but it is already available for pre-order from the Nintendo platform.

So those who still suffer the dismissal of Super Mario Bros. 35 from the Nintendo store, since it was withdrawn on March 31, have a new proposal to spend long hours playing.

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