Accessories, one of the best free image editing programs, comes to version 4.0

paint-dot-net-1 is one of the best (if not the best) free image editing programs that exist in the market for Windows, and that is saying a lot considering the competition. Now, after a long time waiting for it, version 4.0 has finally arrived with a good amount of news.

Almost a new program

For starters, it has a new rendering engine that supports the use of multiple cores, so we will notice an immediate performance improvement just by having a multi-processor (all for years); It also allows for hardware acceleration per GPU, which will be especially noticeable in selections that will no longer take up a large amount of processor resources.

Between that and the reduction in memory consumption, is a new program. That feeling is reaffirmed when we see the interface, modified with the implementation of various functionalities that were previously in menus directly in the main window.

The rest of the news comes to the tools, which have been improved with a smoother control with the mouse, a better interface and more options in general. There is also new effects such as the elimination of red eyes, or a Vignette effect for our photos.

As a negative point, is now only available for Windows 7 SP1 onwards; a sacrifice in exchange for all this amount of news. 4.0 is now available for download or update directly from the application itself; If we use an unstable version we will have to install from scratch.

Download Paint.Net for Windows

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