Parents at 70, a dangerous whim?

Parents at 70, a dangerous whim?

Last April 19th a Hindu couple of 72 and 79 years of age brought to the world a baby, conceived thanks to a treatment of assisted reproduction.

Logically, the event has caused a huge stir, not only in the scientific sphere, but also in the general population, which has been divided among detractors, who think that having children at that age is crazy and those who defend that, if they have not been able to achieve it in their entire lives, it is never too late to try.

We agree that each person does with his uterus and with his life what he wants, but in cases like this it is not a matter of judging whether God is being played, but rather assessing whether he is attacking the principles of biotics, of which we spoke recently.

The case of the Hindu couple who were parents after 70

As I was saying, Daljinder Kaur , of 72 years, and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, of 79, have recently been the parents of a healthy child, after 47 years of marriage and only three of reproductive treatment.

They spent many years trying to conceive of natural form, but accept that they could not get it and many years after the end of the fertile age women, made the decision to go to the Hisar Reproduction Clinic, in Hariana.

It is not the first time that the center performs treatments fertilization in vitro to a woman of advanced age, since in 2006 a similar case occurred with a lady of 70 years.

What does the law say about treatments for assisted reproduction in old age?

Although each one has its own moralityWe must not forget that medical or scientific treatments that require the participation of Humans they must be legislated and comply with principles of biotics, which we already told you about.

In the case of Spain, although Law 14/2006 that regulates the processes of assisted reproduction does not establish a age limit s that makes it clear that users of the dangers of doing this type of treatment to clinically inappropriate ages.

For that reason, all clinics of the country have carried out a agreement that determines the age limit in 50 years, although it may decrease depending on the conditions of each patient.

What principles of biotics are violated in these cases?

If you remember them, principles of biotics most important are the charity, maleficence, autonomy and justice. Although it was possible to talk about everyone, it is clear that the one that is most violated is maleficence; but why?

To begin with, we must not forget that bringing a child into the world is a long process implying nine months pregnant and a Birth which can often be very complicated, especially if the mother has health problems.

Those responsible for indian clinic In which the treatment was carried out, they affirmed that Daljinder Kaur successfully passed all the routine tests and demonstrated that she was fully capable of passing the trance, but that decision cannot be made in such a simple way. The evolution is wise and if it has led women to have a limited fertile stage It is for various reasons, among which are health problems it can carry.

Evolution is wise and if it has led to women having a limited fertile stage it is for several reasons,

For example, think about how weak the bones behind the menopause and imagine what it means to carry the weight of a baby for so many months. In addition, they increase the chances of suffering pathologies associated with pregnancy,like the ones we tell you below:

  • -Gestational diabetes: Although the cause of this pathology is not exactly known, it is believed that the pregnancy’s own hormones can block the natural effect of insulin, leading to a specific type of diabetes, which can cause complications for both the mother and the newborn, You may experience neonatal hypoglycemia, hyperbilirubinemia, weight that is too high than normal, or even death. The chances of suffering from this disorder increase enormously above the age of thirty, so imagine the seventies.
  • -Preeclampsia: This pathology is characterized by an uncontrolled increase in the blood pressure of the pregnant woman, which can result in very serious complications, such as damage to the liver, premature separation of the placenta, delayed growth of the fetus and, of course, abortion. In this case, women over the age of thirty-five are often warned of the risk of suffering from it.
  • -Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism: Another characteristic consequence of pregnancy in women over the age of thirty-five is the appearance of pathologies associated with the thyroid gland, which produce too high (hyperthyroidism) or low (hypothyroidism) levels of the thyroid hormone. All of this can lead to premature labor, pre-eclampsia, and a complicated postpartum recovery.
  • – Cesarean delivery: Older mothers often have complicated births or dilation problems that lead to the need for a baby to be delivered by cesarean section. Also, if the age is 70 years, it is unthinkable to use another option, since it would be crazy to push a woman who, for example, could break her hip easily. We must not forget that cesarean section is a surgical intervention that, like any other, can have a series of harmful consequences, especially if the woman is giving birth. Specifically in the case of caesarean sections, some of the possible adversities are based on infections in the bladder and uterus or a higher probability of bleeding. They can also lead to complications in future deliveries, although we do not believe that the Hindu marriage decides to go for the couple.

What about the baby born to those elderly parents?

Okay, it seems that, despite all prognosis, this woman’s pregnancy has ended successfully and without complications (at least that we know of).

Has it all ended there? Logically, we must assume that the pregnancy was carried out with sperm and donor eggs, so genetically the baby does not have to have any problems, but it will probably stay very small orphan.

Although currently the Health parents are iron, we must not forget that at certain ages the organism begins to failnot that the Life expectancy highest in the world, held by Japan, is located in the 80 years for men and 87 for women. In India, in fact, it is found in the 66 and the 68 respectively, so it is crazy to consider paternity from those ages.

And it is that in cases of assisted reproduction the principles of biotics must also be applied to the baby that will result from the process, so that it provides a complicated futureWithout parents, it is not exactly avoiding problems. This is another reason why evolution has not allowed us to be mothers after certain ages, so we should not listen to their advice.

Therefore, each one is free to do what he wants with his life, yes, but these types of cases are not only harmful to the woman, but also to the child she will have. Assisted reproductive techniques are one of the greatest gifts science has given us, but they must be properly controlled to avoid certain atrocities. What do you think?

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