Parking without driver and without human supervision

Getting automated parking is a challenge that many manufacturers have on their lists. They want to get us to the destination with the car, leave it in a certain place, and see how he goes alone to find parking, without the need for a human looking for places.

Now they tell us that Bosch and Daimler have made their driverless system fully automated (SAE Level 4) approved by the authorities.

Currently used daily in the parking lot of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, a system that collects the car and returns it independently. Bosch will be in charge of offering the infrastructure, while Daimler will be in charge of the vehicle technology.

Everything works with an app, where it is announced that it has arrived and waits for the process to start. The system detects pedestrians and other cars on your way and reliably stops when it encounters an obstacle.

The details are indicated in the note:

Once the driver has exited the parking lot to continue his business, the car drives to an assigned space and parks. Later, the car returns to the delivery point in exactly the same way. This process is based on the interaction between the intelligent infrastructure of the parking garage supplied by Bosch and the automotive technology of Mercedes-Benz. Bosch sensors in the car park monitor the driving lane and its surroundings and provide the information necessary to guide the vehicle. Technology in the car turns infrastructure commands into driving maneuvers.

With this technology, cars can go up and down the parking ramps, move between floors and check the status of the sensors without problems.

To warn the rest that there is a driverless car circulating, they use a light code, although surely soon they will warn with a similar code when there is a driver inside.

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