Parler will return to the App Store next week with a moderation system

Apple gave Parler the green light to return to the App Store. However, behind this decision there are a number of conditions.

On the other hand, Google has mentioned that it is also willing to support the app in the Play Store when Parler sends a version that complies with the store’s policies.

Parler will have a moderation system in its iOS app

In February, we told you that Parler came back online after going through an internal restructuring and turning to Epik as their new hosting provider. However, it still had several unfinished business to get its users back. And returning to Google Play and the App Store may have been among his priorities.

An earring that is already half finished, since Parler’s app will be published again in the App Store. Recall that both Apple and Google removed Parler from their stores after the riot on Capitol Hill. A situation that seems to be changing.

As Senator Ken Buck mentions, Parler worked on different updates so that his dynamics would comply with Apple’s guidelines, specifically regarding its moderation practices. And for that, he has been in communication with Apple’s review team.

We have worked to implement systems that better detect illegal speech and allow users to filter content that they dislike, while maintaining our strict prohibition against moderation of content based on point of view.

This moderation dynamic will only be implemented on iOS, as all posts will be visible on the Parler web version and on Android. So Parler users who use the iOS app will have special filters and a moderation system that will not be available on other platforms.

According to TC, the publication of the Parler app in the App Store is scheduled for April 26. On the other hand, Google has mentioned that Parler can return to the Play Store when he sends a version of the application that complies with the corresponding policies.

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